Philosophy - End of life

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Body and Soul

  • Soul is the non-physical part of the body.
  • All humans have souls which continues after they die in heaven.
  • Eve brought original sin to the world by eating the fruit - it is cleansed by baptism.
  • When Jesus was resurrected he atoned for 'original sin' and overcame death, hense cleansing humanity and making souls able to reach heaven.

Life after death

  • Christians believe God will judge us all onthe day of Jesus' second coming.
  • Some believe judgement takes place as soon as you die, rather than judgement day.
  • Some christians believe only christians go to heaven.
  • Catholics believe in purgatory - a place where you go if not good enough for heaven to cleanse your sins. Eventually when your soul has been cleansed of sins your soul moves to heaven.

Beliefs about heaven

  • In medieval times heaven was regarded as being on clouds with angels playing harps. These beliefs were based were based on teachings in the Old Testament.
  • Other views are that there will be no more suffering and God will rule the earth. These views are from the book of Revelation.
  • Many christians believe that heaven is


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