Philosophy and Ethics- Religion and Science

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Christians and origins of the Universe

  • Genesis account of creation states God made world in 6 days in a particular order.
  • Fundamentalist Christians take the story literally and believe he made it in six, twenty four hour days.
  • Believe everything was made with one word by God.
  • Believe Adam and Eve were real people made with one word from God.
  • Progressive Christians believe that the order of the story is correct and God made it.
  • However, they say each day was a longer period of time e.g. a million years.
  • These Christians may believe in guided evolution.
  • Liberal Christians believe that the Bible story tells us why the world was made and that science tells us why.
  • They believe God used science to create the world.
  • They believe that Adam and Eve were a story used to tell people that God loved them and wanted a personal
    relationship with them.

Scientists and origins of the Universe

  • Believe the Universe was once smaller than the size of a single atom.
  • Believe…


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