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substance dualism 

  • this is the view that there are two fundamentally different substances physical and mental and that the mental subsance is able to live seperate from the body. the physical substance being an extended thing and mental substance being a thinking thing 

The concivabiltity argument 

  • Descartes claims that the mind and body are made up of different substances and that this can be ontalogically proven
  • i have a clear understanding of my mind being a thinknig thing but not an extended thing
  • i have a clear understing that my mind is an extended substance but not a thinking substance 
  • if i can concieve of this then is is possible for God to make this happen as he is onipotent 
  • there must be a necessary world in which mty mind and body are both different substances 
  • therefor God can create the mind as somthing that is thinking and the body which is somthing extended 
  • therefor because i can concvie of it they can be made up of different substances 
  • and finally the are made up of different substances 

as we have seen a substance is not dependent on anything to exist so it could most definatley be possible for the mind and body to be made up of different substances 

this is because they woudnt be dependent on on an other to exist

so we can change the to 

  • it is conciveble that the mind can exist without the body
  • therefor it is possibel
  • there for the mind and body are made up of…


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