If someone had decided to conduct a sociological survey on the topic “Who doesn’t like chinchillas?”, Then 99% of the positive answers would be given by married men, whose chosen ones recently asked themselves for a fur coat from this animal. The last percentage would be for those husbands who recently bought it. The rest of the world's population is delighted with this amazing animal.

It was her who used the South American Indians, making their own warm clothes from the fur of these mountain rodents. The arrived Spanish colonialists also appreciated all the advantages of local robes and the extermination began. Over a century and a half of unlimited hunting, the population of animals has decreased significantly and, most likely, completely disappeared, if not for one enterprising engineer. His name was Matthias Chapman, and in 1923 he managed to take out and adapt 11 chinchillas to new conditions. Thus, rodents were saved from extinction, and M. Chapman became the founder of a new direction - the artificial breeding of fur animals.

Today, chinchilla content as a pet does not


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