Peter as a Disciple

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Peter as a Disciple

Peter recognised that Jesus was the Messiah (Caesari Philippe) which made him very precious to Jesus. He became the chief disciple, and it is widely recognised that Peter was Jesus' best friend. Catholic believe that Peter was the first Pope because Jesus told Peter: "Peter, you are a rock and on this rock I will build my church."

So, Peter was a very important character in the life of Jesus. But remember that Peter was fallible (could be weak and make mistakes). At the time of Jesus' death, Peter denied Jesus three times. He also wasn't present at this death. This can give Christians who are being persecuted strength because they take heart from the fact that even Peter was scared - and therefore there is no shame if they are also scared.

Mission of the Twelve Disciples

Jesus sent the 12 disciples on a preaching and healing mission (in pairs so that they could support each other and because any account of an event needed two witnesses in Jewish law). They were only allowed to take essential items (a staff, sandals etc) - Jesus wanted them to trust that God would provide what they needed (important because at some point they wouldn't have Jesus to help them and they would be alone). 

They were to stay at the house of whoever offered them hospitality and not look for better accommodation - Jesus made it clear that they were not taking a holiday. If rejected, they were to leave peacefully. 

There were three aspects to their mission: 

1) repentance

2) Exorcism (authority over evil spirits)

3) Anointing the sick with all.

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Significance of the


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