PERSUASION, ATTITUDE AND CHANGE (Cognitive Dissonance and Self perception)

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Exploring what happens when our behaviour differes from our attitudes.

Festinger suggested cognitive dissonance occurs when there is a imbalance between actions and behaviour.

There are three ways of eliminating dissonance

1) Reduce the importance of a dissonant cognition (let's say you want a porche but can't get it so you look at the negatives of it which make you want it less)

2) Add more consistant cognitions so that they outweigh the dissonant ones (you have to buy a nissan instead of the porche but you focus on the benefits of the nissan)

3) Change the dissonant cognition so that they are no longer inconsistent. (Give it up & sell the nissan)

STUDY - (Festinger & Carlsmith) 

Gathered male US students to tell others that a dull task was intresting, enjoyable and fun, they were paid in two conditions:

1) Paid $1 

2) Paid $20 

Those who were paid $20 had consistent congnitions they didn't mind lying for


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