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Personality-The thoughs feelings and behaviours that make an individual unique

Temperement-The genetic componment to personality

Aim:To discover whether ways of responding to the environment remain stable thoughtout life

Method:133 childrens behaviour were observed and parents were interveiwed about childrens reactions to change

Results:The children fell into 3 types 1,easy children happy flexible and regular 2,difficult children demanding inflexible and cried a lot 3, slow to warm up these children did not respond well to change or new experiences

Conclusion:These ways of responding to the environment stayed with the children as they develpoed so temperament is innate

Evaluation:The children where from middle class families living in new york. This means the results cannot be generalised. The parents may have been biased in the answeres they gave in the interveiws

Measuring Personality

Extroverts- Sociable lively and easy going they seem to need having other people around, they have many


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