Personalities and Powerbases - Trotsky


  • Born 1879
  • 1903, sided with Mensheviks and not Lenin
  • 1902 joined Lenin in London
  • November 1905, leading figure in the St Petersburg Soviet 
  • 1917, his reputation won support for the communists during the October Revolution
  • Masterminded the communist seizure of power
  • Restructed Red Army during Civil War 1918-1921
  • Critisized in Lenin's Testement as having 'too far-reaching self confidence'
  • Lots of support from young/student communists and Red Army due to his Civil War heriosm
  • Most Urban (in a rural country)
  • Many envied his close relationship with Lenin
  • Party members were afraid he could use the Red Army to seize power
  • Many members of army were not members of the party
  • Played a main role in the Sovnarkon (head of Red Army)
  • Left wing (hated NEP)
  • Collective leadership or one-person rule (could have done either)

Struggle for power

  • 1903, throughout the year only made sporadic attempts to engage in battle with…


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