Personalilty types

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Personality: The characteristics that account for the behaviour of an individual.

Trait Theory

This theory believes that your personality is dependent on the genes that you have inherited from your parents. It believes that your personality is stable and won't be changed by any factors.

The downside of this theory is that it doesn't believe the environment or peers can change a personality.

There are two trait theories:

  • Personality Types: This believes there are four types of personality:

Introvert: They are often shy, are aroused easily which means they have high sensitivity of the reticular activating system and they prefer to be isolated.

Extrovert: Are often outgoing, they have a low sensitivity of the reticular activating system, they prefer to be around people.

Neurotic: Often have unreliable, extreme mood swings, they often have high stress levels which take a long time to get over.

Stable: Their mood often stays the same (predictable), they will rarely experience stress and…


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