Personal Rule 1629-1640

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Personal Rule 1629-40

  • 11 years without parliament
  • Finance methods took away the rights of the people
  • religion threatened the broad church of James
  • Foreign policy was english neutrality favouring spain
  • growing fear of r/c absolutism that charles did little about



  • restore the 'beauty of holiness' to churches and services
  • to make the church more powerful and influential
  • educate the clergy and make them 'equal to any gentleman'

Opposition to Laud

  • 1633 Laud became the Bishop of Canterbury
  • Laudian Bishops enforced their ideology onto the people, regardless of what they want
  • Opposed by the gentry for his political power in the Royal Council/supporting diving right
  • laudian reforms worked against the gentry and there were R/C elements in services
  • everything he did had some political aim 
  • puritans hated the 'beauty of holiness' and the noticeable differences in services
  • Offered cardinal but denied it with 'rom how it is' which was not against catholicism. 

Laudian Reforms

  • All bishops that died were replaced with Laudian bishops
  • Parish priest was made independent of the gentry and the gentry pews were remove - this undemined social structure and the CofE natyre of the church and showed Laud's lack of respect for rank and dignity
  • "that pestilential stye of all filth"
  • Church courts were made to be as powerful as possible

Laud's Political Influence

  • He sat in every church court and was involved in fining the gentry with the fence tax
  • Laud used the hated Star Chamber to punish his political enemies
  • Bishop Juxon was made Lord Treasurer in 1636 which was a sign that the church were running the government

Burton, Bastwick and Prynne

  • 1637
  • Showed Lauds indifference to public opinion and his determination to enforce the power of the church
  • These gentlemen were treated like common criminals with Pillory for criticising the new church
  • The became public martyrs for the protestant/puritan cause and the public laid…


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