personal dictatorship

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At first Mussolini was supported by the Liberals in parliament. With their help, he introduced strict censorship and altered the methods of elections so he was able to assume dictatorial powers and dissolve all other political parties. Skilfully using his absolute control over the press, he gradually built up the legend of Il Duce, a man who never slept, was always right, and could solve all the problems of politics and economics. Italy was soon a police state. The assassination of the prominent Socialist Matteotti in 1924, began a prolonged political crisis in Italy, which did not end until the beginning of 1925 when Mussolini asserted his personal authority to establish a personal dictatorship. Mussolini's skill in propaganda was such that he had surprisingly little opposition to suppress.

After 1922, Mussolini personally took over the ministries of the interior, of the colonies, of the army and a few others. He was also head of the all-powerful Fascist party and the armed local Fascist militia that terrorized initial


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