Performance Analysis


Performance Analysis

Performance analysis is an area of sports science that assists the coaching process through provision of statistical and video information.

Why analyse performance?

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • To compare to national norms and averages
  • To alter tactics and strategies in a game situation
  • To plan specific training sessions
  • To set performance goals (SMART targets) and give feedback

What is analysed?

  • Physical factors- Fatigue
  • Technical factors- Free kick accuracy
  • Tactical factors- Defensive tactics
  • Behavioural/psychological factors- Game attitude

Analysis methods:

  • Coach observation
  • Video analysis- Technical/tactical/physical/behavioural
  • Testing- Physical/technical
  • Notational analysis- Technical/tactical/physical/behavioural
  • Questionnaires- Behavioural
  • Biomechanics- Technical/physical

Coach observation:

  • Strengths-
    • Coachs' are often experienced and so understanding will be good-know what should be done in situations
    • Real time evaluation/feedback
    • Can make positonal/tactical changes
    • Can see wider context of the game
  • Weaknesses-
    • Subjective…


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