People Power - The end of the Cold War

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People Power

This interpretation ---- popular pressure played an important role in ending the Cold War. Growing disillusionment in the satellite states culminated in widespread protests and demonstrations, breaking the Communist regimes' monopoly of power and dismantling the Soviet bloc.


Hungary, free elections in January 1989, Non-Communist PM by April 1990. Hungarians opened the border to Austria. 

By March 1985, Hungary was the most economically advanced country in the Eastern Bloc and was experimenting with ideas of political liberalisation. Younger reformers forced Kadar to retire in 1988. 

An official commision is made into the Hungarian Uprising (1956) Concluded that it was a 'popular uprising against an oligarchic system of power which had humiliated the nation.' 

A ceramonial acknowledgement of Nagy's death is made - he is buried, 31 years after his death in June 1989, and 200 000 Hungarians turn up for funeral. 

Nemeth - refuses to fund barbed wire. Hungarians flock over it. 

East Germany

10 000 leave East Germany in September 1989 alone. 150 000 overall. Sparks crisis for Honecker, similar to Ulbrict's in the late 1950s. 

They flock to Prague (3000), demanding Asylum to West Germany and also, go to Budapest. 

Demonstrations in Leipzig, oct and Sept

Tear down wall on 9th November 1989. Symbolic, Germany is


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