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ICT systems: design and purpose

  • Need to consider design of ICT system for particular use
  • Appreciate different users - different needs
  • Client, end user and audience have slightly differnt requirements from the system (each one need to be considered)
  • Analysis of user - critical in determining requirements of the system
  • Link with the client and end user remains live throughout the project
  • Systems that have been implented that have failed to meet the requirements of hte people commissioned them. e.g. London Ambulance System - failed to do job it was meant to do.
  • Key factors taken into account when considering a new system include:
  • - Ensuring cost of implentation is worth the benefit it will bring
  • - Timescales for implentation. Realistic and allow time for thorough testing
  • - Involve clients and end users to ensure system meets their needs
  • - Requirements of the client and end user. Realistic and clearly stated

Characteristics of end users

Interaction affected by:

  • Experience
  • Physical characteristics
  • Environment of use
  • Task to be undertaken
  • Age
  • Users vary in requirements from any system. (some computer experts/novices)
  • May have strong prefences for type of interface they like or hardware prefer to use


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