Peel's reforms

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Peel had been aware of the leval of unemployment and deprivation. He realised that reform would remove the causes of poverty and hardship, and also improve working conditions. INTRODUCED FINANCIAL REFORMS

Free trade:

1. Foreign countries hates the British tariffs and were less willing to trade. Tariffs included duties on imported corn (making imported food more expensive causing difficulty for the poor). Removal of tariffs would bring down the cost of British goods abroad, increase exports and stimulate industry and provide more jobs.

2. Completely removed export duties.

3. No import duties on raw cotton, livestock, meat and potatoes. 

4. Slight reduction in the import duty on corn (not enough to please the Anti-Corn Law League.


YES - Peel brang about trade revival, exports increased, unemployment fell rapidly, and food was             cheaper.

NO - Bread still more expensive that it need have been due to Corn Laws

Income tax:

Re introduced as…


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