Peace and Conflict C questions

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7.1:C: Explain how the UN works for world peace

  • It has a counter terrorism programme
  • It ensures everybody has equal rights
  • Helps in countries suffering in conflict
  • Helps organise peaceful election

7.2:C: Explain how a religous organisation works for peace

  • running prayer services
  • running peace sessions
  • campaigning against war
  • speaking at peace events

7.3:C: Explain why one current conflict has been caused (Afghanisthan War)

  • History of civil war
  • Political differences (change from monarchy to democracy)
  • Economic advantages, they have a lot of gold, copper
  • Racial or cultural differences - girls weren't permitted ot go to school, men had to grow beards

7.4:C: Explain why some people think just war is important

  • Provides guidelines for when a war can be said to be morally right
  • Gives the participants of the conflict rules they have to follow, e.g. not harming citizens
  • Makes sure that wars are as humane as possible, not too many people are harmed
  • Outlines the rights that people have in conflicts

7.5:C: Explain why some Christians might agree with war and some do not

  • It might be needed to overcome great evil (FOR)
  • War can be used to achieve peace (FOR)
  • The teaching 'love your neighbour' can never mean killing
  • Jesus did not fight his arrest or crucifixtion.

7.6:C: Choose one religion other than Christianity and explain why most of its followers accept just war

  • If it is the last resort it is the…


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