Peace and Conflict

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What do the UN do to keep peace?

  • Peace keeping troops
  • Peace talks
  • Disarmament
  • ICC (Court) 
  • Sanctions
  • Trade Restrictions
  • Military Actions 

What do Religious Charities do?

  • Publicise - Educate - Aid - Campaign - Encourage Reconciliation  

Name two Religious Charities and what do they help to do?

  • Islamic Relief - Aid
  • Pax Christi - Campaign 

What are the causes of War?

  • Human Rights (Egypt)
  • Resources (Iraq)
  • Dictatorshipn (Syria)
  • Religious Beliefs (Ireland)

What types of War are there?

  • Nuclear (Hiroshima) 
  • Holy War (Crusades)
  • Civil War (Syria)
  • Terrorism 

What are the Christian attitudes to war?

  • For - 
    • Golden Rule
    • Situation Ethics
    • Jesus stood up for his beliefs
  • Against-
    • 'Do not kill'
    • 'If someone slaps your right cheeck offer them your left'
    • Jesus never used violence

What are the Islamic attitudes to war?

  • For- 
    • Muhammed fought
    • Ummuh 
    • They will go to paradise for dying in a just war
  • Against-
    • Islam stands for peace
    • 'Allah doesnt love those who…


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