PE - 1.2.2 - A healthy, active lifestyle and your cardiovascular system

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Cardiovascular system:

  • consists of the heart, blood and blood vessels
  • transports blood around the body to supply oxygen and nutrients, and to remove waste products (carbon dioxide)

Cardiovascular fitness:

  • the ability to exercise the body for long periods of time
  • exercise affects the circulatory system
  • regular training can help heart pump more blood through the body, more quickly and efficiently

Heart rate:

  • the number of times the heart beats per minute.
  • between 60-80bpm with the average for an adult bening 72bpm
  • heart rate increases to supply increased demand of oxygen in working muscles
  • waste products (carbon dioxide) need to be removed from body quicker

Maximum heart rate:

  • 220 - age
  • to improve cardiovascular fitness - above 60% of MHR
  • recovery rate - the speed at which the heart…


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