PE - 1.1.5 - Your personal health and wellbeing

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Balanced diet:

  • provides energy
  • repairs injured tissue
  • helps our body grow
  • contributes to good general health

Exercise, diet, work and rest

  • good diet - good amount of calorie intake, provides body with enough energy
  • balance of diet, work and rest prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, stroke, high cholesterol, obesity/anorexia


  • the normal food we eat.
  • essential for energy to work and exercise/ rest and repair tissue
  • calories in the diet = calories used
  • active people use more energy - more calories
  • balanced diet is also about providing all the nutients it requires to work efficiently

7 factors of a balaned diet:

Macro nutrients:

  • carbohydrates, fats and protein
  • present in out diet in large quantities

Micro nutrients:

  • vitamins and nutrients
  • present in small amounts in our diet
  • do not provide energy but allow cells to function correctly


  • keeps body temperature under control


  • keeps digestive system active


  • simple carbohydrates - found in fruit and confectionary (e.g. biscuits)
  • complex carbohydrates - potatoes, brown rice, bread, bananas - help with energy and should form 50% of our diet
  • stored in muscles and liver as glycogen
  • glycogen converted into glucose to be used to provide energy
  • energy for exercise - complex carbs…


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