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Body Systems

  • skeletal - bones and joints 
  • circulatory - blood and heart 
  • hormonal - glands 
  • excretary - intestines + stomach + lungs 
  • respiratory - lungs
  • muscular - muscles and bones
  • nervous - veins and nerves 
  • digestive - stomach and gut

Health Definition -

The state of physical, social and mental well being, and not the obsence of disease

Fitness Definition -

The ability to meet the demands of the environment 

Physical well being -

  • burns fat 
  • improves body shape 
  • increases organ size
  • prevents disease 

Mental well being -

  • removes aggression
  • self esteem 
  • removes stress 
  • enjoyment helps with sleep 

Social well being -

  • helps meet new people 
  • makes friends 
  • relieves boredom 
  • self confidence 
  • co-ordination
  • team work 

Components of health and fitness 

A gility (to change position quickly)

B alance  (to reatin entire body mass of base of support)

C oordination (ability to move 2 or more body parts quickly)

P ower (to do strength performances quickly)

R eaction (time taken between a stimulus and the onset of movement) 

S peed (different rates at which a person is due to do different movements) 

Personal Characteristics - 

describe the way you are and what distinguishes yoi freom others 

people who are shy and sensitive are known as intorverts, introverts prefer sports that dont involve physical contact (archery)

people who are confident are known as extroverts, extroverts prefer sports that  do involve physical contact (rugby)


the desire or drive you have to do something 

the greater your desire the more commited you will be 

extrinsic motivation is when you are motivated by things outside you (desire to win medals or cups)

intrinsic motivation is when you are motivated by things inside you (love to compete) 


the optimum zone for you to perform at your best 

if your arousal level is very low you will perform poorly 

if your arousal level is too high you will also perform poorly 


when you engage in a contest. Many people are competitive by nature, they want to challenge themselves. 

competition provide opportunities for enjoyment etc. 


when there is an abundant supply of money available to spend

if you have very little money then you will be limited in what sports you will be able to do 

being affluent or wealthy does mean that you can participate in a larger range of sports or activities

Work - leisure balance 

relationship between the time you spend working and the time you spend doing sports or activities you enjoy

The amount of leisure time you have will affect your participation, if you have little leisure time and too much work time you will not be a committed participand wnad you participation will lower


the buildings that allow organised sport and physical activites to take place

the existence of facilities can affect participation

having easy access to a facility means that anyone with an intrest can become involved 


If you experience a quality physical education and sport during your 12 years of school then there


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