Pastry Making

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1) Rub Fat into flour

  • Flour particles become coated within fat (waterproofing)
  • Some particles are left uncoater
  • Air becomes incourporated
  • If the fat is too hard it becomes hard to rub in.
  • To much uncoated flour absorbs too much water
  • If the fat is too soft a thin layer forms around the particle.
  • Overhandling makes the fat soft and sticky, sometimes difficult to handle

2) Sprinkle water over mixture and mix with a knife

  • Uncoated flour particles absorb water 
  • Gluten strands form
  • Dough binds together
  • Too much water added can cause too much gluten development which creates hard tough pastry
  • Too little water prevents the pastry from becoming smooth, this means it will crack on rolling and


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Basic instructions for pastry making - useful as it contains common errors..