Pastoral Counselling and Theology pt. 1


How do we Project ourselves to create a healing place of non-judgement, unconditional love and vulnerability Humanistic theory of counselling…. …. encourages self-awareness and self-realisation. A humanistic approach provides a distinct method of counselling and focuses predominately on an individual's unique, personal potential to explore creativity, growth, love and psychological understanding. Egan skilled helper model is a humanistic approach  If you help people relate to the paradigm to their faith and that the holy spirit can aid the person effectively in their counselling it is way more effective. Pastoral counselling is no longer restricted just to christian counselling. Transference and Counter-transference Transference is where the client transfers their stuff onto the counsellor and the counsellor becomes  Counter-transference. Definitions of Counsellors BAC (British Association of Counsellors)  “People become engaged in counselling when a person, occupying regularly or temporarily the role of counsellor, offers and agrees explicitly to give time, attention and respect to another person, or persons, who will be temporarily in the role of client. The task of counselling is to give the client and opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully and towards greater well-being” Christian Counselling…   … “A christian person takes the role of counsellor or facilitator, to help a person in the role of client to explore his or her present story in the light of the christian story. The spirit of Jesus’ guides and empowers, both clients and counsellor to explore current situations; to gain new insights into what God wants the client to understand about his/her situation. God respects our freedom to explore and discover better ways to live in the future.  Counselling is not about forcing an individual to change, but rather to discover God’s free gift of a more abundant life for each situation where the client needs help. The client may choose, without manipulation, to…


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