PAST PAPER - Social psychology

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1. Explain what is meant by internalisation in the context of conformity. (2 marks).

This is the conversion or true change of private views to match those of the group whose attitudes and behaviours have become part of ones.

2. Explain what is meant by compliance in the context of conformity. (2 marks).

Publicly conforming to the behaviour or views of others in a group while privately maintaining one's own view.

3. Most research into conformity takes place in a laboratory. Outline one strength of conducting research into conformity in a laboratory. (2 marks).

The equipment necessary to record and measure experiments is readily available for researchers to use, allowing the research to gather the data quicker and more effectively.

Three students, George, Petra and Dan, have just started in the sixth form. Dan is a confident person who thinks that his fate lies firmly in his hands. By the end of the first week, Dan has put himself forward to be nominated as the class representative. Petra has also put her name forward to be nominated. She believes it is just luck whether or not she will be selected and feels that there is not much she can do about it. George did not put his name forward because his father told him not to.

4. What type of locus of control does Petra's behaviour show? (1 mark).


5. What type of locus of control does Dan's behaviour show? (1 mark).


6. George did not put his name forward as the class representative. Use your knowledge of social influence research to explain this. (2 marks).

George didn't put his name down due to his father's influence. This is normative social influence as George has the desire to be liked…




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