Parts of a Leaf

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  • leaf = primary photosynthetic organ of the plant
  • consists of a flattened portion, called blade
  • attached to plant by petiole 
  • sometimes = divided into leaflets 
  • leaves w/ sing undivided blade = simple
  • 2+ leaflets = compound 
  • thin so light can pass through easily
  • large SA to absorb more light 

Waxy Cuticle

  • transpiration = loss of water from leaves by evaporation through stomata
  • stops water vapour from escaping through the epidermis 
  • protects leaf from infections, but doesn't block light
  • plants within water don't have a waxy cuticle

Upper Epidermis 

  • transparent: light can pass through to palisade layer and chloroplasts
  • few chloroplasts


  • near top so they can get light
  • contain chlorophyll


  • part of vascular bundle
  • vessels in tissue


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