particle model of matter

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  • What are the properties of a solid?  molecules are packed together, and it keeps its shape, do not flow, particles are packed closely together and are not free to move about and the particles vibrate.
  • what are the properties of a liquid?Liquids take on the shape of their container and particles have more space between them, so they are not fixed in position and therefore move randomly.
  • what are the properties of gas?they are easy to compress, they expand to fill their containers, andthey occupy far more space than the liquids or solids.
  • How do you calculate density?density=mass/volume
  • What are the names of the changes of state 

melt, freeze, boil, evaporate, condense or sublimate

  • Describe how, when substances change state mass is covered

 The particles in a substance stay the same when it changes state so the mass of the substance stays the same.

  • Is changing state a physical change or chemical and why

Changes of state are physical changes which differ from chemical changes because the material recovers its original properties if the change is reversed

  • What happpens when you heat mattter

Heating increases the internal energy stored within the system by increasing the energy of the particles that make up the system. This either


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