Part one Summery

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  • Part 1 of Never Let Me Go starts off with adult Kathy H. musing about her job as a "carer." Don't know what that means yet? Thinking about changing your career goals? Not so fast. We recommend you keep reading before chucking your professional dreams in the can in favor of this cool-sounding gig.
  • Kathy has been working as a carer for over eleven years. She's pretty proud of the fact that the "donors" she looks after have good recovery time after giving a "donation." She keeps them comfortable even when they're close to "completing." So far, this donor business sounds a bit too ominous for our liking.
  • Since Kathy is so good at her job, she gets to enjoy some perks like picking which donors to look after in the recovery centers. This special treatment is how she ends up reconnecting with her old chums Ruth and Tommy.
  • We learn that back in the day Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy grew up in a place called Hailsham. Kathy is fairly vague about what kind of place this is. Is it a school? An orphanage? An idyllic spa getaway? One thing is crystal clear: all the non-Hailsham donors and carers are jealous that Kathy grew up in this mysterious place.
  • In fact, despite all the driving Kathy does nowadays, she can never find her old home.
  • Sometimes, Kathy thinks she sees a building or sports pavilion that reminds her of…


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