Part A Agamemnon questions and answers (10 marks)

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Briefly describe the events in the play since the arrival of the herald

The herald arrives back from Troy announcing that Agamemnon is returning, and describes the events of war and troubles that accompanied it. He gives insight into the conditions of the trenches and the suffering the men had to endure. Clytemnestra then instructs the Herald to fetch Agamemnon and encourage him to do so quickly in bringing the King back. Before the Herald departs, the chorus, made up of the old men of Argos, ask the Herald on news of Menelaus, to which he replies that Menelaus went missing on his fleet back from Troy along with many other comrades, presumed dead. The Herald then departs and enters with Agamemnon and Cassandra. Agamemnon is welcomed by the Chorus who hint all is not well in Argos, to which he replies with thanks. Clytemnestra then gives Agamemnon a welcome speech declaring her love to him, to which Agamemnon replies in an abrupt and arrogant manner.


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