part 2 EMA -Reflexivity

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Definition: The ability to consider and reflect on your own thoughts feeligs and reactions to any given context.

Those who work and train as councellors and osychotherapist often work in the manner of having the ability to practise in a reflective manner, in order to support reflexivity counsellors,psychotherapist and practioner psychologist are all required to have regular supervision and discuss their clinical work 

Why is it important ?

counsellors often respond to clients by drawing on their own professional knowledge on certain subjects, but often can also draw on from personal experince which can have both positive and negative impacts.

Positive - a deeper understanding,being able to relate, have a bigger sense of empathy 

Negative -  Example: reacting in a hostile manner such as a male client reminding the psychologist of their alcholic/ abusive father 

hence it is important for psychologist to refelct on how they interact with customers and what is driving them to work with them.


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