Parliaments under James

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  • Buckinghamshire Elections - Goodwin vs. Fortesque - Disputes over who won, James' compromised his prerogative and gives parliament the right to settle disputed elections
  • Shirley Case - MP arrested for debt, James granted MPs freedom fr
  • om arrest when sat in Parliament except for treason, felony and breach of the peace
  • Union - disputed in parliament until 1607, parliament were against the idea because of heavy anti-Scottish prejudice, also union would allow James to rewrite all the laws and make himself an absolute monarch
  • Purveyance (selling goods to the crown for a reduced price) - James said he would investigate corruption in purveyance, Lords offered to buy it out for £50 thousand a year, but commons said it was only worth £20 thousand. James refused and his prerogative was threatened
  • Wardship (inherited land) - hated and corrupt, commons wanted to buy it off of James and abolish it. Threat to royal prerogative
  • Impositions - Bates Case 1606 - he refused to pay impositions on currants, bates lost at court and new impositions were set up, parliament called this a 'back-door tax'
  • Apology of the Commons - Reiteration of rights after clashes early on in parliament - a.) told James their privileges were under threat b.) 'right and due inheritence' privileges are rights c.) purveyance and wardship mentioned d.) told James he needed parliaments consent for religious policy decisions
  • Expenditure - James was in £280,000 of debt in 1610 without…




thanks for this, do you have any information on exam structure?

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