Parent-Child Relationships

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Parent-Child Relationships


Attachment, caregiving and sexuality

> SHAVER ET AL. came up with the 3 behavioural systems acquired in infancy which are linked to what we experience as romantic love in adulthood? (attachment, caregiving & sexuality).

> The attachment behavioural system is linked to Bowlby's internal working model.

> The caregiving behavioural system is knowledge about how to care for others, learned by modelling behaviour of the primary attachment figure.

> The sexuality behavioural system is also learned from early attachment (e.g. those who suffered from an avoidant attachment are more likely to see sex without love as pleasurable).

Effects of childhood abuse on later relationships

> Childhood abuse has a number of negative effects on adult psychological functioning.

> SPRINGER ET AL. said that those who experienced childhood abuse were more likely to suffer from depression, anger and anxiety.

> Research suggests that childhood sexual abuse causes difficulties in forming healthy relationships.

> ALPERT ET AL. said that those who have experienced childhood abuse develop a damaged ability to trust…


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