paradise lost book 1 key quotes

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Paradise Lost Quotations


‘loss of Eden

‘regain the blissful seat’

‘deep tract of hell’

‘his pride had cast him out from heaven, with all host of rebel angels’

‘he trusted to have equalled most high’

‘against the throne and monarchy of God’

‘raised impious war in heaven’

‘lost happiness and lasting pain’

‘as far removed from God and light of heaven’

‘how unlike the place whence they fell’

‘the potent Victor in his rage’

‘dubious battle on the plains of heaven’

‘shook his throne’

‘fearless, endangered heaven’s perpetual King’

‘lost us heaven’

‘fallen cherub’

‘to do ill our sole delight’

‘high permission’

‘better to reign in hell then serve in heaven’


‘who first seduced them to that foul revolt?’

‘infernal serpent’

‘stirred up with envy and rage’

‘glory above his peers’

‘ambitious aim’

‘battle proud with vain attempt’

‘durst defy the omnipotent’

‘obdurate pride and steadfast hate’

‘o how fallen! *** changed’

‘do I repent or change’

‘injured merit’

‘the highest raised me


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