Paradise Lost Context

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Context of 'Paradise Lost Book IX' by John Milton/Milton's beliefs


  • Battles and tales of heros (he was encouraged to tell a tale of woe by his "muse")
  • Mentions the Will o' the wisp (lines 634-642) and "steersman" (line 513)


  • Marriage of equals
  • Approved of divorce
  • Still considered men to be higher than women
  • Believed that marriage should be for love with partners who compliment each other
  • Men as the head, women as the heart of relationships


  • Protestant and Presbyterians
  • Believed that everyone has free will and can make their own choices
  • Said that everyone should agree to self-government or we would never be able to chose

Pre/Post-Lapsarian World

  • We all have sin within us
  • We have to prove our love


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