Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus - Morris

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The Rich Man and Lazarus - Morris

Jesus pictures a rich man. Purple was cloth dyed with a very costly dye. It would be used for the outer garment and the fine linen for the undergarment. The combination stands for the ultimate in luxury. This man had all he asked in life and lived a life of enjoyable ease. His is not said to have committed any grave sin, but he lived only for himself.That was his condemnation. In contrast the poor man, called Lazarus. He is the only character given a name in Jesus' parables. Sometimes the rich man is called Dives, but this is simply Latin for 'rich man'. Lazarus lay at the gate of the other, the word denoting a large gate at the end of the palace. The house was a grand one. Full of sores points to physical misery and this is emphasized with the detail that the pariah dogs licked his sores.

The one man had all he wanted; the other had nothing. Nothing has been said about


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