Paper 6: IGCSE Physics

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Improvements that could be done to a temperature experiment:

  • Same initial temperature
  • Same volume of water
  • Same shape of beaker
  • Beakers of same surface
  • Same room temperature
  • Same time intervals
  • Same surface area (unless given different containers)

Heat loss can be reduced by the insulation of a beaker, and by covering the beaker with a lid.

Improvements made to experiments about heating effect and insulation:

  • Covering the container with a lid
  • Repeats and Average
  • Recording maximum temperature
  • Adding insulation
  • Keeping constant rmoom temperature
  • Avoiding heat loss

Minimizing heating effect of a current

  • Decreasing current
  • Increasing voltage
  • Adding a lamp
  • Increasing resistance of a resistor

Variables in a spring extension experiment: (Blue- Constant)

  • Number of coils
  • Diameter of spring
  • Selection of loads
  • Mass of spring
  • Length of wire
  • Range of loads 

Improvement made to calculating circumference by string method:

  • Avoid parallax error
  • Repeat and Avergae
  • Use thinner


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