Pan's Labyrinth Notes Performance

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Opening Sequence

The performance of Ofelia in the opening act is frightened, making her appear vulnerable and causing the audience to understand that an unknown violent act must have taken place for her to become weakened to the extent that she has to lie on the floor.

Ofelia demonstrates a lack of fear when looking at the statue, her nonchalant expression only changing to one of wonder when she first sees the stick insect. This is therefore representative of her interest in fairytales, as she sees the insect as a fairy.

First Bedtime Sequence

Carmen is eager to give Ofelia the present she has promised her, a new dress, and thus shows her excitement for Ofelia to grow into a woman also. Ofelia does not share her feelings as she later muddies her dress and continues to be absorbed in books, revealing a reluctance to grow up in a fascist environment where women are seen as inferior.

The Captain's forced laughter after the doctor inquires how he knows the sex of his unborn child is dismissive and presents him as a narrow-minded character because he is both unwilling to tolerate the opinions of others and arrogant because he sees his beliefs as fact.

The Captain's violence during his shooting of the two captured farmers seems emotionless due to his unfazed expression and excessive shooting of their already mortally wounded bodies. The audience understands that he is not only driven by anger but thirsty for blood, although he seems undeterred by killing, which strengthens the notion that he is a cold and robotic dictator.

Shaving Sequence

The way the Captain handles his razor during the beginning of this sequence indicates that he has used it many times and that he views his shaving as ritualistic, which conforms with his constantly spotless and precise


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