Panjabi Grammar - The Subject

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In all of my revision notes, I colour English words in BLUE. Panjabi font is used to show Panjabi words. Important words are coloured in GREEN.

The SUBJECT of a sentence is who or what the sentence applies to. The ending of the sentence changes depending on the SUBJECT. Some possible SUBJECTs include: me, you, he, etc.

It is absolutely crucial for you to know which sentence ending to use to be able to communicate effectively in Panjabi.




lol i speak punjabi & urdu mixed...


Haha, that's okay. I know a lot of people who do that with loads of languages. Hopefully, after I've posted some more lessons, you'll be able to speak Punjabi without the Urdu! :)

jude tomkins

  1. I a
jude tomkins

  1. I a
jude tomkins

I am so ha

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