P7- Magnetism and Electromagnetism


Magnetism and Electromagnetism


-There is a North and South pole on a magnet

-These are the points with the strongest magnetic force

-Opposite sides attract (SN, NS)

-The same sides repel (NN, **)

-Magnets are a non contact force- they do not have to touch something to affect it

Permanent Magnets

-They create their own magnetic field

-They attract and repel other magnets

-They cannot be turned on and off

Induced Magnets

-Can be turned on and off

-Only magnetic when in a magnetic field

- Are only attracted to other magnets, not repelled

Therefore you can test whether a magnet is induced or permenant by seeing if it repels another magnet.

Magnetic Fields

-The closer the field lines, the stronger the magnetic field


-These are a wire coiled up into a spring shape

-Each coil has its own small magnetic field


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