P6- Radioactive Materials

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  1. Radiation is ionising and can cause damage or kill living cells
  2. Can be natural or man made
  3. Elements have more then one atom, some of which can be radioactive yet almost identical to that of    the other atoms, within it's properties
  4. Radioactive Decay>  Spontaneous decay change in an unstable giving out Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation
  5. In atoms in which the Nucleus is unstable, the atoms decay to become more stable. They emit energetic radiation and there nucleus changes
  6. Radio active decay doesn't affect any physical or chemical change with in the atom
  7. Radioactive Platinum decays to turn into gold (via Beta Radiation)
  8. Atom model dates back to 1910, experimented by Ernest Rutherford
  9. Rutherford designed an experiment with his assistants Hans Geiger and Ernest Marshden
  10. They did this by:
  11. Using gold foil as it rolled out thinly to the thickness of just a few atoms
  12. Directed Alpha radiation at the foil
  13. There should be flashes of light as the radiation strike the material
  14. They worked all night counting the flashes from different angles.
  15. They observed that most of the particles passed straight through the foil
  16. A small fraction of the particles reflected back towards the source
  17. Rutherford released there was a positive charge




Heey..this is good but i cudnt really tell which bit links to which bit. to improve i suggest tht u kinda link them so they're easy to read and understand. Thnk u! it was helpful though. :)

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