P6 Key Terms

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 P6 Key Terms

Pink- Higher and Foundation Tier

Blue- Foundation Tier

AND gate- Logic gate whose output is high when both inputs are high

Base- One of the terminals of a transistor

Battery- Scientific name for two or more cells connected together

Bridge circuit- Full-wave rectifier made from four diodes

Capacitor- component that stores charge, usually on a pair of parallel plates separated by an insulator

Cell- A device that transfers chemical energy into electrical energy

Collector- One of the terminals of a transistor

Diode- Component that only allows charge to flow through it in one direction

Dynamo effect- Where changes of magnetic field around conductors result in the generation of electricity

Electric motor- Device with a rotating shaft powered by electric current interacting with a magnet

Emitter- One of the terminals of a transistor

Fleming’s left-hand rule- Uses thumb and first two fingers of left hand to show directions of force, current and magnetic field in a motor

Full-wave rectification- Process of using both positive and negative parts of alternating current to make direct current

Generator- Machine that rotates to generate electricity

Half-wave rectification- process of allowing only the positive parts of alternating current to pass through

Iron core- Central part of a transformer around which the primary and secondary coils are wrapped

Isolating transformer- Transformer with the same number of turns on the primary and secondary coils

Light-dependent resistor- Special type of resistor whose resistance decreases when the intensity of light falling on it increases

Light-emitting diode- Diode that emits light when an electric current flows through it

Logic gate-Circuit that has two levels…


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