P5 Electric Circuits

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Electric Currents

An Electric current is the flow of electric charge.

Some insulating materials become electrically charged when they are rubbed together.

A substance that gains electrons becomes negatively charged, while a substance that loses electrons becomes positively charged.

Charges that are the same (for example positive and positive) repel

Unlike charges (for example positive and negative) attract.

Charged objects are able to attract small uncharged objects towards them, such as pieces of paper.

Charging an insulator

When you rub two different insulating materials against each other they become electrically charged. This only works for insulated objects 

When the materials are rubbed against each other:

-Negatively electrons move from one material to the other

-The material that loses electrons becomes positively charged

-The material that gains electrons becomes negatively charged

-Both materials gain an equal amount of charge, but the charges are 


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the following link leads to a helpful video if you watch all of it!!


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