P3 Topic 6 (Medical physics) part 1 :)

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Medical Physics (Part1)

  • Human energy: - we take in chemical energy in food and drink 
  • We use it to move (kinetic energy),make noise(sound energy),gives off heat..
  • Joule: -all types of energies are measured in joules(J).It is quite a small unit so (kJ) are commonly used. 1 joule of work = the energy require to move 1 metre against a force of 1 newton. 
  • 1 Joule = the same as 1 newton metre(Nm)
  • Work :  work is done when there is movement against ; 
  • - Any type of friction 
  • - The force of gravity 
  • - Or when a charged particle is repelled as it moves in an electric field
  • Power : the rate of transfer of energy and is measured in watts
  • 1 Watt = the same as another unit ,the joule per second (j/s)
  • Energy transferred = the same as work done 
  • Power = work done…


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