P2 - Radiation and Life

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Electromagnetic Spectrum
Radio Waves (radio, phones) -> Microwaves (microwaves, phones) -> Infra-Red (television remotes)-> Visible Light (to see)-> Ultraviolet (sun tan)-> X-Rays (see broken bones)-> Gamma Rays (cancer treatment).

Electromagnetic radiation travels in packets called photons.

The higher up the spectrum (to the right) the type of radiation is, the shorter the wave length and the higher amount of energy it has.

Transmitted means that the radation goes through something - like light passing through some glass.

Reflected is where it bounces back - light is reflected from a mirror.

Absorbed is where it is absorbed - a person absorbs UV ray from the sun.

The intensity increases as the distance from the source decreases. The energy from the photons depend on how many photons there are tand the energy of the photons.

Ionisation is when an ionising photon hits an atom. The ionising types of radiation are Ultraviolet, X-Rays and Gamma Rays. Ionisation hits the atom and can rbeak the atom up.

If ionisation happens in your body cells, it can be very dangerous- it can cause the cells to mutate and cause cancer, or it could just kill the cells.

Uses of Radiation
Radio Waves - radio waves are used in phones, radios



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