P1 - The Earth in the Universe

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P1 - The Earth in the Universe

Key Facts:

  • The universe is 14,000 million years old
  • The universe started with a big bang and has been expanding ever since
  • Our solar system formed 5,000 million years ago from dust and gas of old stars
  • The sun is a ball of extremely hot gas, it's diameter is 109 times larger than the Earth's
  • A galaxy is a huge group of stars. Our solar system belongs to the Milky Way galaxy

Rocks tells stories!

Deeper layers are older layers, younger rocks are usually on top. Fossils in the layers show which species lived when. Many species have become extinct. Cross-cutting features: if one type of rock cuts across another rock type, it is younger…


Sasha Dean


Thanks- it is a brilliant summary of P1

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