P1 Energy for da home BASICS

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  • Heat is a measure of energy 
  • Temperature is a measure of hotness
  • If there is a difference in temperature between two places energy will flow between them
  • Specific heat capacity tells you how much energy you can store
  • You need to put in energy to break intermolecular bonds
  • Specific latent heat is the energy needed to change state
  • Conduction occurs mainly in solids 
  • Convection occurs in liquids and gases
  • Radiation is how we get heat from the sun
  • All objects emit and absorb heat radiation
  • Heat radiation is important in cooking 
  • Thermograms show where your house is leaking heat
  • Machines always waste some energy
  • More efficient machines waste less energy
  • Waves have an amplitude, wavelength and frequency
  • All waves can be reflected, refracted and diffracted
  • Reflection if light lets us see things
  • Total internal reflection depends on the critical angle
  • Diffraction = Waves spreading out
  • Refraction


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