Oxidation and dehydration of alcohols

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Alcohols are oxidised with strong oxidising agents eg K2Cr2O7 (potassuim dichromate(VI)). The oxidising agent is reduced from K2Cr2O7 with an orange colour to Cu3+ with a green colour after oxidation. 

During oxidation,two hydrogen atoms are removed, one hydrogen atom from the carbon and the other hydrogen atom from the oxygen. 

Oxidation of primary alcohols

They oxidise to from aldehydes(carbonyl group:product of oxidation). The aldehyde then oxidises again to from carboxylic acid. This is because after the oxidation to aldehydes, there is an extra H atom left. An aldehyde is named by putting an 'al' as a suffix of the alcohol name. eg ethanal formerly ethanol. A carboxylic acid is named by putting an 'oic'


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