Ownership and Control

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Ownership and Control


Bagdikian: In 1983 there were 50 controlling companies of U.S media. By 1992, this was reduced to 22 companies. This was further reduced to 7 controlling corporations in 2004 (e.g. NewsCorp, TimeWarner and Disney).

Curran: Ownership is not new. In 1937, there were four 'press barons' who owned nearly 1 in every 2 local and national daily newspapers in Britain. Today, there are seven controlling media owners (incl. NewsCorp, Associated Newspapers, United Newspapers)


  • The range of media products is diverse. If some views are more greatly represented than others, it is because it mirrors what the public wants or views as important
  • Modern capitalist societies are democratic, all voices have a platform in which to share their opinon
  • Behaviour of owners is constrained by the market, as owners and corporations have to compete with each other. Therefore, if their content does not tally with what the general


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