Ownership and Control - Marxists

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  • Marxism is a method of criticising capitalism. 
  • Workers lack access to the means of production, and must sell their labour to the capitalists. They add saleable value to products and receieve an unfair wage.
  • Marxists believe that mass media supports this system through broadcastig of ideologies. 
  • "In every epoch, the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class" - Karl Marx (1846)
  • Media as a means for ruling classes to maintain their hegemoney and dominance
  • Media ensures society absorbs and accpets capitalist ideology; that life is about working hard for a wage and consuming capitalist products
  • Hegemony
    • Antonio Gramsci
    • Hegemony is the way in which those in power maintain control.
    • Dominant ideologies are concidered hegemonic, power is maintained by constructing ideologies. 
  • Ideology - false but influenctial set of ideas, values and norms to make…


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