Ovid book 1

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Ovid Metamorphosis

The Creation

·         In the beginning there was chaos and shapeless matter

·         Then either  god or nature began sorting out the confusion

·         He moulded the earth into a great sphere, then he separated, wind, water, air and fire

·         He added seas, rivers, lakes, plains valleys and mountains

·         He added stars in the heavens

·         Then he added deserts, icecaps and places in between

·         Then clouds wind and thunder came

·         Then fish and animals

·         Then he man humans in the likeness of god and created man from clay.

The four ages

·         The first age was the golden age, the age of free will

·         There was no laws because everyone trusted each other

·         There was no punishment, no judges, no armies , no ships; men were happy

·         There was no need to plough food as food was in an abundance, men ate fruits such as strawberries blackberries and acorns

·         Spring was the only season and flowers that had never been planted still had life

·         Rivers of milk and rivers of nectar also flowed in abundance

·         But when Jupiter took the throne and cast Saturn into murky Tartarus, the Silver age began

·         It was meaner than Gold but higher in value than bronze

·         The King of the gods divided the Earth into four seasons; summer winter and only a short Spring

·         People now took shelter in houses and food had to be ploughed

·         Then the bronze age came, they were cruller by nature and more ready to take up weapons, but they were not vile to the core

·         The final age was the iron age

·         Loyalty, truth and conscience all went into exile and there was a criminal lust for possession

·         People started to travel to different places and they also started to mine the wealth hidden by the gods

·         Grim war appeared and family was no longer loyal to each other

The Giants

·         The giants of the land aspired the throne to heaven, so they piled mountain on mountain in attempt to reach heaven

·         But mighty Jupiter took one of his lightning bolts and shook mount Olympus and all the other mountains

·         They bodies came crushing down to earth and there fearsome bodies lay prostate

·         Mother Earth took pity on them, so she drenched the blood of the giants and gave it new life; unwilling that all the fruit of her womb should be lost and forgotten

·         She turned their blood into human form; but the new race also looked on the gods with contempt

·         Their passionate lust for ferocious violence and slaughter prevailed. You could tell they were born of blood


·         When Jupiter looked down from heaven, he





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