Overlord (D-Day)

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- Fooled the Germans

Stopped by the storm, visibility too poor for air support. Worst storm in 40 years!

- Glidders released over bridges, gamble. US paratroops also (firce battle) 3 hours later village in US hands.

-Allies sailed in darkness so Germans had no warning, Germans thought they would land at calia.

-Germans had underwater obstincles (mines)

-Within 2 hours they were linked up with the US paratroops in who laned in san Maricles

- Omah was a defenders dream- high cliffs, hard. German machine guns made it hard, Americans attacks were swamped. Troops were trapped on beach, USA soliders managed to scale the cliffs.

- Gold beach (GB) savage fire aswell.

-Juno beach, GB's funnies were vital for helping the troops off the beach.

-By early afternoon the allies had established all of the beach heads.

-Timing surprised Germans thought they would have waited b/c of the weather- Rommel even visited his family in Germany.

- Hitler even when hearing of the attack, didnt take it seriously, convinced the main attack would be on calia (waited to release his reserves)

- Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword was all fine despite resistance.

- Omah was difficult- German resistance prevented US troops moving a mile in land

-By nightfall June 6th, over 100,000 allied troops in Normandy! Due to planning, enginuity and courage.

- Normandy countryside…





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