Output devices- Printers

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Ink Jet Printers are a Good Compromise:

  • These cost less than laser printers and produce better quality printouts than dotmatrix printers. So they're the best compromise between cost and quality for most users
  • The main component is the printhead. This has lots of tiny nozzles or spouts through which small jets of ink are sprayed onto the paper
  • There are three diff ways of controlling the flow of ink. In some printers the nozzles are controlled by crystals inside the printhead, which change shape when an electrical current is passed through them. In others, the ink is heated so that it expands and pushes through the nozzles onto the paper. Continuous flow printers squirt ink continuously from the nozzles, then the usused ink is eletrically charged and diverted back by charged plates
  • There are loads…


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